How to choose a fruit juicer

Update: 14-07-2020

When choosing a fruit juicer, the right one is the best […]

When choosing a fruit juicer, the right one is the best. In addition, we must pay attention to its juice yield, noise, easy cleaning, component materials, etc. How to choose a fruit juicer? Share tips for everyone:
Choose the motor: The motor is the heart of the juicer, which affects the rate of juice. In general, good motors are mostly imported and can be used for more than 10 years, such as German big-name motors. Bad motor, high power and slow speed.
Juice yield: It is related to the use effect of the juicer. If a fruit juicer has a low juice yield, it wastes raw materials; if a fruit juicer has a high juice yield, it can make full use of the ingredients. Therefore, it is more cost-effective to buy a juicer with a high juice yield.
Easy to operate: Buy a juicer, you can try it to see if it is easy to operate, because there may be elderly people and children in the house, and they will not use it because the juicer is too complicated.
Easy to clean: Every time you use it, you need to clean the juicer. If the juicer juice box is easy to disassemble, it is more convenient to clean.
Low noise: The juicer runs fast, has good stability and low noise. If the noise is high, it will cause disturbance to people's lives.
Good quality parts: all parts are made of food-grade materials, which are healthier and safer. If it is not a food-grade material, it is best to be a safe material and installed in the juicer without abnormalities.
Appearance: Don't ask for high face value, but don't ask for too low face value, so as not to put it in your home and affect the appearance of your home. When purchasing, carefully read to ensure that the machine is free of scratches and cracks.
Buy the fruit juicer. You must clean it for the first use, and then pour the raw materials. Otherwise, it will carry chemical dust. Direct use will contaminate the juice. In addition, there are many precautions for using a fruit juicer, as follows:
1. The juicer cannot be placed at an incline, it should be placed on a flat table, and it should be placed firmly to avoid shaking of the juicer during the juice extraction process.
2. Before use, check whether the filter and small accessories are installed in place, and confirm that they are firmly installed before using.
3. Before squeezing the juice, cut the food into small pieces, pour it into the cup, then add water, close the lid, plug in the power, and start squeezing the juice.
4. If it is a push-type juicer, it is necessary to push the fruit at a uniform speed to avoid too much force, otherwise the fruit will block and hinder the juice extraction.
5. After squeezing the juice, unplug the power plug, take out the juice, and pour out the pomace. Remember the order, don't make a mistake.
6. Clean the juice extractor and store it in a ventilated and dry place to avoid being unused for a long time.

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