How to clean the juicer

Update: 21-07-2020

The juicer can make a variety of juices according to th […]

The juicer can make a variety of juices according to the different ingredients, which is a real treat, but it needs to be cleaned after use. The cleaning tips are as follows:

1. Egg shells: Use egg shells to clean the dirt inside the juicer. The specific operation method is to prepare two egg shells, break them with hard objects, and then pour them into the juicer together with water, and then start The juicer, let it stir well, the dirt will be removed. It should be noted that the egg shell fragments should not be too large.

2. Dishwashing liquid: After each use of the juicer, add warm water and detergent, plug in the power and stir for 30 seconds, and then drain the water, which is also a good way to clean the juicer.

3. Steel wire ball: Fruit contains a lot of fiber, such as fruit residue on the blade, which is difficult to clean. You can slowly pull out the fruit fiber strips on the blade, or you can use a steel wire ball brush to quickly remove all the fruit fiber Strip off.

4. Oil: To clean the minced meat, add more oil when stirring the meat to reduce the stickiness of the minced meat, and then stir the steamed buns with a juicer, so that the minced meat will stick to the steamed buns and be removed when cleaning.

Juicer to grind soy milk
The first step is to pick soybeans. Generally round and small soybeans are most suitable for making soy milk, so choose carefully when buying.

The second step is to soak the soybeans. Take an appropriate amount of soybeans, put them in a container, and soak them in water. Generally, it is better to soak for 10 hours. If the weather is hot, it is best to put the container for soaking soybeans in the refrigerator to prevent the soybeans from stinking.

The third step is to cook soybeans. Put the soaked soybeans in a pot and cook them thoroughly so that there will not be too much okara when making soy milk.

The fourth step is to grind soy milk. Pour the soybeans into the juicer, add water, press the start button, the beans will be completely worn out and become thick soy milk with a good taste.

Although both a juicer and a blender can crush food, they are different. Before buying, we must first clarify the difference between the two. What is the difference between a juicer and a blender?

First of all, the juicer uses a motor to drive the cutter head to quickly mash the fruit to squeeze the juice. It can separate the juice from the pulp, but this has certain defects, such as destroying the fiber of the fruit. And one of the glass blenders can mix the pulp and juice together, avoiding this defect well. Therefore, from a nutritional point of view, the mixing opportunity is better than the juicer.

Secondly, the juicer is not easy to clean, especially the blade part, there will be a lot of pulp remaining in it, it must be slowly extracted to clean it, and the mixer is more convenient to clean, suitable for long-term use, crushing the pulp, etc.

Finally, the juicer can squeeze pure juice, but the blender is not pure juice, and the taste is not so good. Therefore, in contrast, a juicer is more suitable for people who like to drink pure juice.

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