What is the weight of the blender

Update: 10-10-2020

Different types of mixers 1. Cheap hand blender. These […]

Different types of mixers
1. Cheap hand blender.
These types of immersion mixers are relatively small in size and light in weight. Their performance power is about 140-280 watts, the speed is 0-2, and there is no turbocharger button like ordinary mixers. However, there are some more advanced and expensive advanced hand blenders that are sturdy and durable.
Stick multifunctional mixer (power: 180-500w, speed: 2-6)
Cordless mixer (motor power: 300-600w, speed: 2-7)
High-quality immersion hand mixer (motor power: 300-800w, speed: 3-9)

2. Ordinary personal blender.
These types of stirrers are smaller in size, but more powerful than hand stirrers. They are ubiquitous, with an average power of about 250-400 and a speed of 1-5, usually with a turbo button.
They are usually a bit noisy, but due to the additional noise barrier, some of them are considered quiet mixers.

3. Large commercial heavy duty mixer.
Unsurprisingly, this type of mixer is powerful and can be used for multiple purposes, including chopping, freezing and dicing. They are made of high-quality materials. They are bulky and are twice as powerful as personal blenders.

How much does the mix cost
Due to the different types and types of mixers available on the market today, the average cost of mixers will vary, but for daily-use mixers, the average cost may be between 50 and 150 US dollars, but the cost of advanced mixers may be more high.

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