What are the advantages of the smart coffee machine

Update: 08-05-2020

After the rise of coffee culture, everyone knows that t […]

After the rise of coffee culture, everyone knows that the way coffee is brewed is an important factor that affects a cup of coffee. Using an intelligent fresh coffee machine to freshly roast roasted coffee beans and brewing and extracting them immediately can make the coffee beans The fat radiates better, making the coffee radiate its unique aroma. In this unique coffee making process, it is more important to pre-break the walls and grind the coffee beans, and use an intelligent fully automatic coffee machine to achieve this series of processing and coffee bean grinding. The following editor will give you a brief introduction to the advantages of the intelligent coffee machine.
1. Flexible processing
Different coffees have different coffee bean thickness requirements. The user-friendly design and flexible thickness control methods of commercial fully-automatic espresso coffee machines play a better processing effect. At present, the fully automatic coffee grinder improves the traditional operation mode. In the process of making the corresponding grinding mode with a simpler operation mode, the thickness of the coffee grinding can be adjusted according to different requirements. The simple and easy operation mode allows Fully automatic freshly ground coffee machine brings a better experience.
2. Easy to clean
At present, the design structure of the commercial automatic coffee machine with good quality is more user-friendly. It can be quickly disassembled and cleaned after re-grinding, which can ensure the safety and health during the grinding process. The taste of the second brewed coffee is maintained.
Semi-automatic coffee machine (pump pressure type)
Pump-pressed semi-automatic coffee machine system is generally the current general heating block + electromagnetic pump, usually this type of product will have two functions of coffee extraction and steam milk foaming.
1. The heating block is usually placed on the top and has the following two benefits:
Cup warming function;
The residual heat of the heating block will be transferred to the metal aluminum alloy handle, which will help to extract coffee.
2. The steam function is performed manually
The depth of the steam tube extending into the milk in the drawing cup is adjusted by the user;
After the milk is foamed, the system pressure relief process requires the user to relieve pressure through the steam pipe;
3. Cleaning problems
The residue of coffee powder prevents the extraction unit from being cleaned completely;
If the milk residue of the steam pipe is not wiped off with a rag in time, the milk will dry out and adhere to the steam pipe in a short time.