Kitchen appliances become the main driving force in the home appliance market

Update: 14-05-2020

At present, the entire kitchen appliance industry is in […]

At present, the entire kitchen appliance industry is in an upward channel, which has become the main driving force for the growth of the home appliance market. The influx of a large number of new brands, while rapidly expanding the "kitchen economy", also buried the risk of a price war. As the overall economic situation improves, consumer demand is further highlighted and upgraded, the rapid growth trend of the kitchen appliance market will continue, and the market potential will continue to increase. In order to be able to gain a place in the fast-growing market, the competition among kitchen manufacturers is intensifying.
"But so far, the kitchen appliance market has not been caught in the cycle of the price cycle." Ge Fengliang, deputy director of the China Household Appliance Research Institute, said: "This is mainly due to the kitchen appliance companies adhere to the development strategy of high-end smart kitchen and bathroom, firmly grasp Keeping up with the trend of domestic consumption upgrading, actively carrying out product differentiation innovation. To seize high-end consumer groups. “Peng Yu, deputy general manager of Beijing Zhongkang Times Market Research Co., Ltd., believes that the concept of quality consumption that caters to high-end consumer groups The trend label, high-end, smart, health, embedded, etc., while injecting diversified innovation momentum into the market, has also become the "only high profit" in the home appliance market. This is the key to the continued rapid development of the kitchen appliance market.
At a forum organized by the China Household Electrical Appliances Research Institute, Global Power Grid and Household Appliances Magazine, Beijing Zhongyikang Times Market Research Co., Ltd. held a market analysis report, pointing out that the “13th Five-Year Plan” emphasized household registration policies Urbanization, shantytowns, consumption growth in the central and western regions, the second-child policy and the current prosperity of the refined decoration market all herald the speed of future consumption upgrades. Kitchen appliances are closely related to people's daily lives, driven by the speed of consumer demand upgrade, the inevitable trend of accelerated changes in the kitchen appliance market.
Mr. Liu, the general manager of the three operations department of Suning Tesco Group Kitchen and Bathroom Company, said that the future development direction of kitchen appliances, especially high-end products, will be general air volume, large operation center screen, in-depth intelligence, and multi-point product interconnection. , Functional and efficient operating conditions. Enterprise product innovation is no longer a product with rich functions, but a collaborative kitchen system has been formed to realize the field application of kitchen products. This requires that enterprises not only have the ability to innovate continuously, but also have a deep understanding of the kitchen culture, a firm "toughness" is essential.