The functions of the juicer are more diverse

Update: 21-12-2020

When making juice, the smart juice machine mainly uses […]

When making juice, the smart juice machine mainly uses mechanical methods to squeeze fruits and vegetables. The reason why the smart juice machine is called intelligent is mainly because this type of juice machine has soy milk, mixing, and dry grinding. These functions are more diverse than a single juicer. Compared with a juicer, a smart juicer is more like a food processor, so is its use the same as a food processor? Let me introduce the smart juice machine solution developed by Saiyi Technology. Intelligent fruit and vegetable juicer: it integrates a juicer, a juicer, a grinder, and a soymilk masher. The multi-functional design is in line with the economic benefits required by modern people.

First,Summary of smart juice machine solution

The juice is sweet and sour, very delicious, and contains minerals, vitamins and other nutrients that are beneficial to the health of the body, which is very suitable for the majority of people to drink. If you want to drink fresh juice every day, the best way is to have a smart juice machine. Especially if there are elderly and children in the family, they cannot eat hard or large pieces of fruit, so it is very necessary to prepare a smart juice machine.

Second, the classification of smart juice machine solutions

A juice machine is a machine that mechanically squeezes fruits or vegetables into juice. There are several general classifications of juice machines, the more common one is household juice machines and commercial juice machines.

According to the type, it is divided into: single-cylinder juicer, double-cylinder juicer, three-cylinder juicer, four-cylinder juicer, round-cylinder juicer and multi-cylinder juicer.

According to the function, it is divided into: mixing type juice machine, spray type juice machine, juice type juice machine.

According to the production method, it can be divided into: storage type juice machine and current type juice machine. The traditional commercial juice machine is to store the prepared beverage in the tank; but now, the commercial current blending machine is developing faster and faster, that is, through the computer version to control the proportion of raw materials and water, it is fresh and ready to drink. , Carbonated Coke machine is also a kind of current machine.

Three, the functional characteristics of the smart juice machine solution

1. The juice cup configured in the smart juice machine can be used to stir the juice.

2. The smart juice machine mainly uses alloy knives when making juice, which can quickly crush the fruit and extract the juice.

3. In the juice machine, its knife net is a stainless steel knife net, which can be separated.

4. The smart juice machine is different from the blender in that the juice dregs it squeezed out are separated more thoroughly, and its juice yield is very high.

6. Multiple application functions can fully meet the different needs of users.