Maintenance after each use of the fruit and vegetable juicer

Update: 17-12-2020

1. After squeezing the juice, disconnect the fruit and […]

1. After squeezing the juice, disconnect the fruit and vegetable juicer from the power supply, and divide the glass barrel with the host. Simply clean the machine first, and don't let the pomace and other debris in the machine condense, which will bring some trouble to the subsequent cleaning.

2. The cutter head can be disassembled if possible, but the frequency should not be too frequent. The cutter head is easy to be entangled with fibers or residues of fruits and other foods. The residue should be pulled out in the winding direction first, and then rinsed with water.

3. Don't throw away the used small brushes or toothbrushes at home. They are very effective when cleaning small places, so the cleaning effect is better.

4. If the knife head is used for mincing meat, break the remaining steamed buns into steamed bun residue and put them in a blender to stir. This will effectively absorb the minced meat and make it cleaner.

5. The cleaning of the appearance is relatively simple. Just wipe it with a rag. Remember not to rinse with water or scrape with hard objects to avoid surface damage. The base cannot be immersed in water to avoid damage to the motor insulation.

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