Market analysis of juicers

Update: 08-01-2021

The juice extractor industry in the Chinese mainland ma […]

The juice extractor industry in the Chinese mainland market is in a period of rapid growth. The penetration rate of juicers in my country is still very low, but they have gradually become familiar to consumers, and their sales have increased rapidly.

Traditional small household appliances are mainly updated, while new small household appliances are mainly purchased. New kitchen and bathroom appliances such as juicers are gradually entering residential households. From the perspective of the national kitchen and bathroom appliance market, products will develop in the direction of serialization, intelligence and beauty, and their functions tend to provide more help for people's health and speed.

There are two main consumer groups for juicers: one is for families with children or the elderly. Children are picky eaters and the elderly have bad teeth. Squeezing the juice by themselves can satisfy them to get enough nutrition; the other is the pursuit of fashion and life. Tasteful young people, the juicer meets their needs for advocating individual taste. With the improvement of the quality of life, consumers' mentality has shifted from the basic life needs to the nutritious and healthy life of taste, which makes it possible for the juicer to become more popular. Regardless of whether it is a juice extractor or a food processor, they are both in the introductory period of the market. For most consumers, it is still a product. It is very important for companies to guide consumers' consumption concepts. The Chinese juicer market is in the lead-in period. On the one hand, because the juicer entered the Chinese market late, the main reason is that the domestic consumption level is still low, and consumers have not formed the consumption habit of drinking freshly squeezed juice. As a new type of small household electrical appliance, the popularity of juicers is not high. Although traditional small household appliances have become popular, new small household appliances have not been generally accepted by consumers. They are a representative of lifestyle and lifestyle. For new small household appliances, there should be more room for development.