How to make a glass of fresh and refreshing juice without a fruit juicer

Update: 12-01-2021

On a sunny morning, with loose pajamas, a glass of fres […]

On a sunny morning, with loose pajamas, a glass of fresh and delicious juice will surely be refreshing and full of vitality. Because it can not only provide water to the human body, but also supplement the various vitamins and nutrients needed by the human body. It is an indispensable nutritious food before meals. You can buy ready-made juices, but you are not worried about drinking all kinds of additives. Then you need a glass of freshly squeezed juice to experience the pure freshness and healthy enjoyment. So, of course, a fruit juicer is necessary to drink a glass of fresh juice.

How to use fruit juicer:
1. The location of the juicer should not be tilted, and it should be placed firmly without looseness. If the location is not good, change it.
2. Before using, check whether the props and filter of the juicer are installed firmly, and then install the cup firmly and confirm it.
3. Before juicing food or fruit, it should be cut into pieces suitable for the entrance of the juicer and then put into the juicer.
4. Plug in the power before pressing, and ensure that it is connected.
5. Start the machine and confirm that the motor is running normally.
6. ​​Push the food into the cup, keep it at a constant speed, and avoid moving too fast or too violently to avoid danger.
7. After the food is processed, unplug the power first, and then pour out the processed food.
8. Carefully clean the internal and external components of the juicer, but avoid water flow into the motor.
9. Put the juicer in a ventilated place out of direct sunlight to completely dry it in the shade.

Precautions for using fruit juicer
1. When the juicer is started, you cannot put your hands or other objects in the feeding port of the transparent cover.
2. When you need to clean the pomace cup of the juicer, you need to turn off the power first.
3. When cleaning the juicer, do not use abrasive cleaning tools, which will damage the surface of the product.
4. In order to squeeze the juice better, do not press the pusher extremely fast in the process of squeezing the juice, it needs to be pushed gradually.