You can use the blender as a food processor

Update: 28-10-2020

The main purpose of the mixer is to mix liquids. When y […]

The main purpose of the mixer is to mix liquids. When you turn on the blender, it creates a vortex that pulls the ingredients toward the center and fuse them together.

The height of a large mixer is between 8 and 22 inches. As for weight, they can range from 4 to 19 pounds. If you want to make smoothies and soups, then a blender is your best choice.
They are good at quickly brewing ingredients into a smooth mixture, and most blenders can also crush ice and dip into sauce. Usually, you don't choose to slice, chop and chop like you would with a food processor.

But some blenders have additional accessories for grinding coffee and nuts. There are two types of vertical mixers: a water tank mixer that can make larger batches at a time, and a mini mixer that can make 1-2 servings at a time.

You will find that the mixing cup can become a travel cup. The price of these mixers ranges from $20 to $500.

Manual or hand-held blenders are very suitable for quick work, such as dipping sauce or mixing soup and smoothies, but it will be tiring to leave for a long time.

They are smaller and more compact. The more expensive models have mixing accessories and food processing capabilities.

Food processor
These are best for savory chefs. They have a variety of accessories, which can be used for baking, chopping, grinding, puree and slicing, etc., and have multiple uses.
Food processors have accessories for baking operations such as kneading and whipping, but they do not perform well compared to stand mixers.
They use a 2-cup chopper to chop up, which can hold 1-2 people, and about 20 cups can work in the restaurant kitchen. Prices range from $40 to $700. They are expensive and include accessories such as grinders, citrus presses, blender jugs, and bowls of various sizes.
This makes the food blender more versatile, but it means you have to clean up more and take up more storage space.
If you cook in large batches on a regular basis, a food processor can help you save preparation time. However, if you are looking for an onion or quick dip, you should consider using a mini chopper.