Shredders hit the market after fast growth in food machinery appliances

Update: 06-12-2019

In developed countries, small household appliances are […]

In developed countries, small household appliances are indispensable and important supplies in residential households. At present, there are more than 1,000 kinds of small household appliances in developed countries, with an average of 20-30 small household appliances per household. With the continuous transfer of the global industry, China has become a global small home appliance manufacturing center with its manufacturing technology, logistics facilities and cost advantages.
According to authoritative data, at present, there are only less than 200 small appliances sold in the Chinese market, which is equivalent to 20% of the number of varieties in developed countries. The average number of small household appliances in urban households in China is less than 10, which is far less The level of 20-30 pieces per household in European and American countries. At present, most small household electrical appliances are in the market introduction period, and the penetration rate is far lower than that of household electrical appliances. There is huge room for growth. Among them, food machinery products have grown rapidly. Food machinery products are mainly used for food processing. There are many varieties and applications, including products such as household shredders, candy machines, filling machines, mung bean cake machines, sterilizers, beer equipment, tofu machines, Food mixers, household kneading machines, pasta machines, pasta machines, meat cutters, pulpers, mixers, pulp and residue separators, bone saws, etc.
Among all food machinery products, household shredders are the most widely used in Chinese households. The household shredder is a new generation of kitchen utensils. It is equipped with knives, which can adjust the speed in steps. It can quickly and accurately crush various meats, vegetables, fruits, etc. according to different process requirements into granular shapes Fillings make gourmet food easier. For example, when making sauces, a household shredder can chop small pieces of meat to a certain extent and then mix and mix various materials to make these materials evenly mixed to make meat fillings and meat sauces, which is very convenient. For another example, Chinese people like to eat dumplings, buns and other pasta. The fillings of dumplings and buns are mainly divided into ravioli stuffing and vegetarian stuffing. Vegetarian stuffing is usually vegetables and carrots. Using a household shredder can quickly cut the ingredients into pieces, and it is even and fine, and the taste is delicate, saving a lot of time and energy.
In addition, the home shredder also has a very big role in making baby food supplements. Complementary food is a complete nutritional balance, which is very important for growing children, especially the nutrition at the age of 0, which lays the foundation for a baby's life health. Complementary foods include rice noodles, mud-lake-shaped foods, and other home-made foods. Making complementary foods requires the use of a household shredder to grind the ingredients to help your baby absorb them. Therefore, household shredders are very popular in China.
Food household shredders are popular in the market, and natural competition is becoming increasingly fierce. Many brands are rushing to launch and want to seize more market profits. However, food machinery products bring convenience and danger to people. Therefore, you must choose carefully when purchasing and using to ensure the safety of your family.
When buying a home shredder, first look at the brand. At present, the household shredder brands on the market are mainly concentrated in domestic brands, including domestic famous brand products and small and medium-sized manufacturers. It is recommended that friends who have no experience in purchasing household shredders focus on brand-name products produced by large factories. Although the price will be higher than that of small factories, the safety and quality are more guaranteed.
The second is to check the appearance of the product. In this link, we need to pay attention to the integrity of product packaging, the comprehensiveness of product accessories, and whether the product host has bumps, cracks, scratches, and other problems. In addition, it is important to check whether the circuit part of the product is intact and not damaged.
Finally, focus on product features. For home shredders, the main function is to shred ingredients. However, the nature of different ingredients varies greatly, so it is best to choose products with high and low gear selection functions. For example, the bear bear home shredder has a high and low gear design. The 1st gear crushes the softer ingredients, and the 2nd gear crushes the harder ingredients, which can meet the production needs of different ingredients. In addition, the volume of a household shredder can be selected according to your own eating habits, but it is recommended that you try to buy a product with a larger volume as much as possible, which is more practical.