Is there any use for a hand blender

Update: 25-08-2020

First impression of accessories and manufacturing quali […]

First impression of accessories and manufacturing quality

The main body of the hand blender, the stirring foot attachment and the small chopper attachment feel particularly good, and have the look and feel of high-end electrical appliances. But food processors and mashers are made entirely of plastic and feel cheaper. However, we like the rubber feet on these accessories, which helps prevent them from moving around during use. The mixer has one-button variable speed control-the more you press, the faster the mixing speed. This is particularly convenient for mixed soups, as starting at a lower speed can help avoid splashing.

How does it feel when blended, chopped and blended?

It can quickly rinse all the ingredients in the vegetable soup in a few seconds, does an excellent job of chopped almonds and herbs, and even made pesto. But the attachment to food processors is a bit disappointing. It is difficult to slice cheese and carrots. You also cannot adjust the thickness of the slicing attachment, so your vegetables will be thinly sliced ​​and cooking may be restricted. Baking enthusiasts will find the whisk can be used to beat cream or egg whites.

How easy is it to use and clean?

Because of its one-button speed control, using a blender is a piece of cake. You can actually feel that the more you press, the faster it becomes, which makes you feel in control. Clip-on, clip-on attachments are also easy to install-although difficult to remove. We found the instruction manual to be clear and easy to understand, including four different recipes to help you get started. Cleaning may be easier. Some parts are safe for the dishwasher, but not all parts are safe, so you need to remember the ingredients that can be used in the dishwasher and the ingredients that you will not use. We found it difficult to clean certain parts, especially the lid of the food processor bowl. It cannot be operated under water and can only be wiped with a damp cloth. This makes it more difficult to remove all small dirt that may be stuck in food. A cleaning tool for the dicing attachment is provided in the box, but since the carrot remains in the blade, we found that this tool is not particularly effective.

Is there anything else worth knowing?

Since it has metal parts, this model is heavier than some models and may be tiring after a while. However, the rapid lightning processing of the ingredients is very fast, so you do not need to process it for a long time. We think it is also relatively quiet. This means that you can make a morning smoothie without waking anyone up, or dip and mix dinner parties together without disturbing your conversation. The instruction manual recommends that you do not operate the stir bar and the accessories of the mixer for more than one minute, and the food processor, small chopper and masher should not operate for more than two minutes. But this has a lot of time to complete the work. None of the accessories can be stacked or placed together, which makes storage very messy, so it is worth considering whether there is enough space to store everything.

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