How to choose a coffee machine

Update: 03-12-2020

Choosing a gift is essential to send love to the older […]

Choosing a gift is essential to send love to the older generation. A high-quality coffee machine is an excellent choice. It can quickly produce a variety of espresso as the base, co-operative milk and sweet coffee.
Choosing a good-quality coffee machine At present, the coffee machine market in my country is still in a disorderly period. The competition in the market is very fierce. The quality of many brands is uneven and the market is chaotic. Therefore, when we buy a coffee machine, we must choose a strong brand, and we must know whether the after-sales service is reasonable.
Daily maintenance and maintenance of the coffee machine. When choosing a coffee machine, it is important to understand whether the coffee machine is easy to disassemble, because when everyone finishes drinking coffee, the coffee machine will be cleaned. If disassembly is not easy, take care of your coffee. The machine causes difficulties. Therefore, convenience of disassembly and assembly is also an important aspect when choosing a coffee machine.

After buying it back, please read the instructions carefully.
Because the new machine has the smell of plastic material, it is harmful to the human body, so before using the electric coffee pot for the first time, you should boil two pots of boiling water to remove the bad smell.
To clean the leaky screen and filter screen, soak in water for a period of time, then rinse with water, and rinse back and forth from the front side. Do not scrape with hard objects to avoid damage and affect use.
After using or cleaning, wipe it with a dry cloth and place it in a place that is not easy for children to touch. Do not turn it upside down or press it with heavy objects.

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